Raise Wal-Mart banker IPH?

I recently started cashiering at walmart and to stop myself from dieing of boredom I like to see how high-ranking I can get my iph (items per hour) to be. There is a little top 5 commander board where the top cashier have around a 530 iph. I am on the leader board with a 470 iph but anything smaller amount then first place isn't good ample lol. Is there anyone out there that know any tips or tricks to raising your iph?

Answers:    I work at wal-mart, i got the fastest in that with an average of 591. The thing I mostly do is other make sure I've signed off when not dealing near a customer. And I take hangers rotten before I sign on and get everything equipped. and then I just stir fast !
The key is to hit total as nifty as possible when the last item is scanned and using a thorny or soft sign out when not scanning. You should hit total if you are waiting for a price check, you can even remove hangers up to that time signing on.also keep your register clean as possible and ensure the cup on your scanner is clean as well. Use the QTY switch when possible or hit enter of multiple items with the same upc. 530 does not give the impression of being very high, cashiers at Super centers tend to own higher iphs due to the average customer having more items. The best times of the year for iph are the week beforehand school starts and the days leading up to Halloween or Easter due to lots of small items and abundant customers buying multiple items for lots of QTY key usage.

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