ITunes Debit?

When the iTunes says, "Your account will be debit for this purchase and your movie will begin downloading immediately". What does it mean by debit? I don't use any credit cards on my account, I just use the offering cards you buy at Target or Wal-Mart. Will it just take money from the subsequent gift card I use or will something else happen? HELP PLEASE!!

Answers:    Hi! I'm wa sin one and the same boat as you a while ago. Actually, the iTunes monetary system views your giftcard as a credit card, and it just 'debits' you card, implication it takes the money away from your account, which have been credited by the gift card. If you hold no credit card registered to iTunes and you try to buy something that is $10, and you only hold $5 in your account, it will alert you and you won't know how to buy the download.
Debited is a slang phrase for duducted or deduction, which means to transport away.The business charges you for the cost of the product or service that you payed for. Debited is a universal meaning that bank, credit unions, and institutions(capitalist companies) use to identify it with charghing a customer for their services. Well it finances it is coming out of the gift cards you used. If there is no money on that than i guess your not gonna be charged or will not know how to down load it.

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