How do i find out around dated stocks from 1978?

permaloy corp stocks ,i own a stock next to 2000 shares and i have need of to know if its still valid and how much its worth

looks close to it's a defunct Corporation. I doubt your shares are worth anything. If you own the actual article shares, they may be of interest to collectors.

To check out more details, the singular entity I can ruminate of is to run to a library that have the Wall Street Journal from that time term and explore through the dissertation to find anthing almost what happen - did they dance in debt - where on earth they purchased and so on.
If you hold the stock permit you can pocket it to a broker and they will know how to share you, after some research, what your stock is worth. If you do not own a broker afterwards you can try your wall. As long as the company is still within business after you can any get rid of your shares, hold on to the pass, or hold the broker/bank uncap an statement for you and hold your shares. If the company have merged or be bought out afterwards the the trial company should honor your shares. Consult a financial professional for help out. Keep within mind that if you market in that may be a rates liability and you should consult your levy advisor.
Stock Symbol: PLOC on the penny stock souk.

I'm sorry to report that I found the stock symbol, but no price quotes.

I am NOT a professional. My answer is not the final solution, but it's not pretty. I did find one website that be selling a stock authorization for that stock for smaller quantity than $75.00 See the third knit. Be aware they submission a service and charge a charge. That said, it may be worth it to hold them certify the stock is worthless and claim the loss on your taxes depending on what you really compensated for it. IF you adjectives it, the tariff loss is restricted to the significance of the stock when you adjectives it.
There is no down Permaloy Corp on any exchange. If your stock is for the North Ogden (Utah) Permaloy Corporation, its site is presently a Superfund Cleanup site so would be long gone.

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